Sustainability of Hotel Mas Rabiol

Sustainability of Hotel Mas Rabiol

At Hotel Mas Rabiol, we are committed to sustainability and the preservation of the environment . Our approach to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our great little hotel, from food production to the amenities offered to our guests.

We are proud to support local commerce and minimize our carbon footprint by prioritizing local products and our own harvest from our garden. This not only guarantees the freshness and quality of our ingredients, but also seeks to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases associated with the transportation of products.

In addition, we are committed to reducing plastic consumption in our facilities. During our guests' stay, we choose to use glass bottles instead of plastic to minimize environmental impact. Likewise, we provide recycled amenities to promote a more conscious and responsible lifestyle.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond cooking and amenities. The furniture that adorns our facilities is created by ourselves using recycled wood, demonstrating our commitment to reusing resources and reducing waste.

Additionally, we have implemented green technology in our facilities, such as solar panels to generate renewable energy and sustainable irrigation systems to conserve water. These initiatives allow us to operate more efficiently and reduce our environmental impact.

At Hotel Mas Rabiol, we believe that sustainability is essential for the well-being of our planet and future generations. We are committed to continuing to find new ways to promote eco-friendly practices and to offer our guests an experience that reflects our values of environmental and social responsibility.

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